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TruckOSaurus said:
happydolphin said:

This is true, but there are two flaws I see in the reasoning.

1) Chark saw it first hand and says it wows. Already a little more weight to his PoV in my view.

2) As much as golf games removed the stigma of video games, so do touch generation experiences like Nintendogs and Brain Training. That also breaks the video games from their traditional mold. As such, the possibility of playing chess, touch games, casual experiences on a tablet is a big factor in favor of the U.

3) Though Wii Sports is simple and intuitive, I find we truly underestimate the ability of people to understand certain gaming experiences. Asynchronous play is already much more organic than other play experiences, because it leads to vastly different perspectives of the same game simultaneously, and that is much more in tune with real life. At the same time, the stylus games which involve puzzles and drawing also have that simplistic appeal, just as much as a sports game would imho. So it's all on the same playing field from that PoV.

4) Revisiting a bit my first post, I think that though the Wii was like buying an arcade for your home, and as such warranted the premium, buying the WiiU is like buying an uber-powerful tablet that the whole family can enjoy in many different ways. It has a premium value as well, only in a very different way than the Wii did.

@rhutnic. I understand your skepticism, I just don't agree with your resistance to prediction because of the attitudes of some in the past, that's all.

1) That may be so but I'm taller than him!

2) The problem I see here is that all of this is already possible on smart phones and tablets so the incentive to buy the Wii U specifically for these experience is lowered.

3) I guess we'll have to wait and see but let me go into anecdotal data if you will:

My father was never a fan of video games, he kept telling my brothers and I to get out of the house more and that we were wasting our time (to his credit, we did play video games A LOT). When I brought the Wii to our family's New Year's party in 2007, he was intrigued along with all my aunts and uncles. He even tried playing Wii Golf and he had a really good time. That's the kind of reaction that I don't think Nintendo Land will be able to reproduce.


The Wii U does more than what a tablet or smartphone can do. Playing Zombie U, a masterful game I recommend to be the game early adopters must buy, uses the gamepad with finesse. You can scan your surroundings with the gamepad and do a full 360 look around. While holding the left trigger to aim down your sights if you lift the gamepad up towards the tv it becomes your scope view.

The ninja star game uses the gamepad's infared like the Wii mote, allowing you cursor like aim when pointing at the screen.

New Super Mario Brothers U has you interact with what's going on on the TV.

That ghost hunt game creates multiple experiences through a different view than the other players.

With 360 viewing capability people will still have fresh golf experiences like was displayed using a Wii mote to hit a ball of the gamepad.

The zelda Nintendo land game had the gamepad character using a bow and arrow shot from the gamepad while others used wii motes as swords.

Before the PS3 everyone was nice to me :(