DieAppleDie said:
i dont understand what do you mean by kiddy
when i was 13 i was more interested in playing Turok 2 and Resident evil
when i was 18 i was more interested in playing Super Mario sunshine and Zelda WW
Video games are mostly for kids, adults dont really have time to play much,

if you mean kiddy looking and themed, i wouldnt call it kiddy but appealing to every age group, including adults like me, and you...so not kiddy at all

I'm not talking about violence, i'm talking about emotion and themes that don't alienate adults. I gave the example of Disney classics like Lion King and Aladin, in contrast with general Mickey Mouse and new Mario (Woo hoo!).

Little Big Planet is cooler than Mario, as an example. Mario is basically a big happy-happy dushe, that's his persona. Most disney characters have attitudes and stories we all, kids and adults, can relate to.

That's what I mean by kiddy, I mean only for small kids, not for kids and adults alike. I don't mean Mortal Kombat adult, don't get me wrong.