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Signalstar said:
Excellent review amp but shame on you for making me wait a whole day to read it. Thanks to you I got nothing done at work yesterday because I kept eagerly refreshing the forums to read your review.

I don't have the time now but within the next day I will share my thoughts on this marvelous movie and what Casino Royale means to me personally.

And you're damn right I would post in your book review threads. I plan on starting Thunderball tomorrow actually.

Sorry about making you wait.  Unfortunately, there was a massive hailstorm which caused me to lose power.  Honest!  Next week when the dog eats my homework please believe me.

I hope that you enjoy Thunderball.  I'm pretty sure that you told me that you're reading the novels in order, but I'd like to say that it's important to read the remaining Bonds in order or they won't make sense.  I guess that you could skip The Spy Who Loved Me to be honest, but that would make you lame.

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