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spurgeonryan said:
Did the director of the last two bourne films not collaborate on Casino Royale ? I think you miss the point. They may be copying as well, but they modernized it. Something that the Brosnan movies could not make happen.

The recent Craig Bond movies then copied that brutal modernization of the bourne movies. I am not good at verbalizing what I am trying to explain so maybe that explained it better.

No, the director of Casino Royale was Martin Campbell.  He was the same guy theat directed GoldenEye.  As far as I'm concerned, he should direct al of them now as he is much better than any of the other modern Bond directors.

I don't about the Bond movies copying brutality.  If you read the old Ian Fleming books, they are extremely violent and that's what influenced the films Casino Royale and Quantum of Solace.  The reason that I believe that the movies in the 60's and 70's were less violent and more humorous was because that was the only way that they could get away with the Bond character at the time.  In today's age you can get away with the gritty, brutal, and real James Bond.  As I said, it might not be the classic cinema Bond, but it's the classic literary Bond.  They tried to go along these lines before with Lazenby and Dalton, but people weren't ready for it as much as they are now for whatever reason.  I think that Licence To Kill is more violent than either of the Craig movies to underline my point.  

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