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MontanaHatchet said:
The problem with Q is that he doesn't work as well in a 21st century context (IMO). The souped-up Aston Martin in Goldfinger was classic, and the weird plane thingy in You Only Live Twice was amazing for its time. But when you try to implement futuristic gadgetry in the modern age, you end up with something like an invisible car. And the more raw, emotional side of Craig's Bond needed to be complemented with gritty, realistic fighting. A scene like the opening bathroom fight from Casino Royale was perfect, as was the stylistic crane/parkour fight in the construction site. Frankly, the gadgetry from the Brosnan era just highlighted how excessive the movies were becoming anyways.

I kind of agree about Q, as much as I'm excited that a new Q is going to be in Skyfall.  The problem is that now everyone has gadgets and it's hard to find something that will impress unless it goes along the lines of science fiction like the invisible car.  The problem with that movie wasn't the invisible car though IMO.  It was the invisible car and the beam using the diamonds shooting from space and the palace made of ice and lasers and the ring that's a sonic transmitter and...  What I'm getting at is if it were just the invisible car, that it wouldn't have been so bad, but they really went way too far and turned it into a corny sci-if movie which isn't what Bond is about at all.  See Moonraker.

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