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spurgeonryan said:
I think that was the first review that I actually read more than the closing remarks Amp! I cannot believe how good that was.  Maybe I will agree with you more on past Bond films if I just took the time to read you reviews, but they are not full of humor and whit like this one  is... are they?

For some reason I got the impressions that you did not like Craig as bond so I was expecting the worsted possible scenario here. Your review gave me the Battleship treatment. I thought I was going to be disappointed, but was happily surprised.
As I was reading the train sequence part with bond and vesper I realized something. I think the lady who played vesper is in "Dark Shadows", @$ a witch. I have never seen here anywhere else from what I can remember.

Great review! I feel like you took extra time so you could submit it for an application for that torrilian writer job. You should apply.

Maybe you should read them, Spurge.  Maybe you should read them...

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