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KylieDog said:
enrageorange said:
KylieDog said:
UncleScrooge said:

- All PSX systems sold with the original controller should be counted seperately because some games required dual analog input (and we don't know how many people upgraded to a Dual Shock just as we don't know how many people never played a GBC only game on their GBC)

I think the only game that -required- a DA controller on PS1 was Ape Escape.  It really isn't even close to being the same as a GBC.

I class a new system like this:  I own a GB, I see a GBC only game - Do I need buy a new console (not an add-on, not a controller, a new CONSOLE) to play it?

I do, so I class it as a seperate system to original GB.

By that logic, the psp and psp go are different systems. There are plenty of psp games that the psp go can't play. If you own a go, you need to buy a regular psp as well to play these other games. The Japanese Wii and USA Wii are seperate systems. Plenty of games the japanese wii can play that the USA wii can't, so if you own a USA wii you also need to buy a japanese wii to play these games. I could go on... 

You're being silly, games released only in certain regions do not constiture the system being different.  The PSP GO can play all PSP games, some games not being on PSN in certain regions is not different to a game not being released in a certain region.

Your criteria was that if you need a new console to play certain games it's a seperate system. And region locked consoles and the psp meet that criteria.
I understand my statement is silly, but that's just because your critiria was silly. If what you meant is that there are certain GBC games that the original gameboy is not capable of running due to hardware limitations, then it makes sense to exclude region locked systems.