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Kantor said:
Barozi said:

Yeah playtime tracking didn't work at all in the beginning as far as I know. I mean I finished Half-Life 2 and it says 0.4 hours...
And I also bought way too many games and only played very few of them.

General Information

Username: ђєrr ๔єr ยภtєrฬєlt
Games Owned: 78
Games Played: 35
Games Never Played: 43
Percentage Played: 44.87%
Total Hours: 146.10


Your profile says you haven't logged on for 95 days

Unless there is another ђєrr ๔єr ยภtєrฬєlt.

My PC is connected to my 50" TV and whenever my girlfriend is here she wants to watch TV (we're already living together).
Since I've got my notebook I haven't really turned on my PC. It's also better for my pocket. A 50" TV plus an overclocked PC need lots of power.

I've probably played the last steam game over a year ago. The only game I've still installed is Half-Life 2 with both Episodes and that's just because I'm a huge fan of the Cinematic Mod.