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dallas said:
man-bear-pig said:
That tablet looks TERRIBLE!! A simple iPad sytle tablet would be much more effective.

Not for everybody, major fail post.  Apple's marketshare was around 95% when the iPad first came out, now it is down to around 60% and is expected to fall more in the coming months to android's gain.

I was looking forward for the Sony tablet P (the one in the pic) , but having tried it I was largely disappointed , see I wanted a tablet that can fold up and I can carry anywhere, but this one had very strange design fualts that if theyre fixed in a new version , it would make the perfect tablet.

First and pretty obvious one, that black bar that separates the screens is way too big and make the screen seem like cell door, they CAN figure out a way to remove it completly, I bet it's much easier to do thanks to OLED screens just have the seperation bolt under it, kinda like how nokias qwerty phones do with their keyboard

Second the duel screens are never used right, for example when you watch a movie you only watch it on one screen so the second screen is basically useless

Third the outlines around the screen are too big, and there isn't anything there so it's just wasted space, why didn't they for example add playstation buttons there ? Or just make the screens bigger for example. 

On the other hand

the tab p has a very innovative Idea that I hope they continue to support and not be hindered by its sales, just take the idea and improve on it.

The same with Xperia Play, the only thing that was wrong in that phone is on board memory, and an outdated CPU , if they made play 2 you'd bet your ass I am getting one

Tablet S however is a good tablet one of the best android ones in the market, but it's just like any other tablet, nothing unique about it like the P


(also their names suck ,,,,seriously, it's like a vitamin pill)