With the introduction of the Wii U controller, we have been wondering how developers will take advantage of it. Will they have an extra menu/map or will it act as another window into the game? Inventories, gyro-controled cameras, asymmetrical gameplay, even NFC toys, you have seem them come out one by one.

But where is the stylus so far? I only remember two examples shown way back at last year's E3. Few glimpses of Art Academy revealed during their video reel or a playable Measure Up in the show floor. Both possible updates of popular educational DS titles, which were important for the success of the DS.

Educational games were seen as useful and beneficial. Brain Age's character recognition available from resistive touchscreen's was a great success, and other memory and reflex games followed through like Big Brain Academy or Sight Training. Leading to huge selection of puzzle games ranging from 3D Picross to Professor Layton. But what is going to happen with the Wii U?

The market isn't the same as with the DS, there are a bunch of competitors already in the handheld and mobile market. Hard decisions must have been made with the Wii U, to consider which titles would stay with the console and which would go to the 3DS. Not sure if we will ever see a Mario Calligraphy or Do Maths with Mario, but the Wii U eShop will be filled with puzzles, with some using the stylus as a dexterous input. And with last year's reveal, there are at least two Wii U educational updates with Art Academy and a Brain Age-y.


Will Nintendo show a few more during this E3? Original content or DS updates? Retail or downloadable?

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