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pezus said:
Chris Hu said:
pezus said:

People who say 2001 is overrated just didn't "get it". Excellent movie.

So, what's the definition of a classic movie?

I guess that I din't get it then when it comes to movies on of my main criterias it that it has a comprehensible plot which 2001 totally lacks.  For that reason alone I rather watch the original "Planet of the Apes" any day of the week over 2001.  Also their are a lot of people that didn't get it or else it wouldn't have eleven and a half pages of one star reviews on imdb.


Indeed. It also wouldn't have a score of 8.4 if the majority didn't enjoy it a lot. One of the great things about 2001 is it feels so fresh, even today. I have seen nothing like it. You also said you didn't finish it? The ending is pretty awesome

I did watch it all the way through once and maybe next time I watch it I have to be totally drunk or sleep deprived and then I get it.