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spurgeonryan said:
Millenium said:

This movie should be one of the best this year.

Great characters with the exception of Captain America (I'm real sorry guys, but in comparison to the movies of the other cast members, it was absolutely awful)

But the inclusion of Jeremy Renner & Tom Hiddleston (as the bad guy) makes up for that.

Between this & The Dark Knight, comic book movies might just have fully redeemed themselves finally.

What do you think of Scarlett Johanson ,other than she is hot? Does she even have any powers, skills, anything? Also until I saw him punch the punching bag off its hook I did not see what was so super about Captain America. I only skimmed the recent movie with him in it.

I'm not sure to be honest, I don't really read comic books, and other than the Spiderman movies, before Batman Begins I didn't really watch Marvel or DC movies, so I don't know anything about her character.

She's a pretty decent actress though, so hopefully between her and Hawkeye, they manage to add a integral part of the movie.

And yes,  she is attractive. : )