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spurgeonryan said:

I could point out several things in Bond movies that wouldn't happen in real life, but that's part of their charm.  One of my favorites is in Thunderball where he takes the jet pack off and casually throws it into the trunk of his Aston Marin.  His hands would have been burnt to a crisp touching that metal tubing which would have been scalding hot.  Also, the trunk of the car would have been toast.


@ Bold


Lol! But did you not just add that as your main gripe of the Casino Royale movie? The card playing clip in general. It would never happen. Like I said in my Nintendo news thread, James bond just has a golden horseshoe up is Arse! It happened because he is Bond. If he was Jason bourne then he would have had to kill the whole room, but he is not. What do you say?

I suppose that you are right.  Maybe it's because that I used to play poker a lot that it got to me.  You see, sometimes I get angry when people play cards badly and that scene showed off an awful lot of bad card playing. 

Jason Bourne would have lost the card match, shot LeChiffre, hit his head on the card table and lost his memory.  Next he would have been chased by his superiors for three movies due to his failure and because the writers wouldn't have been able to come up with anything else.  There would be some great action sequences and a lot of camera shaking though.   

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