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Can't agree really. Look at the interest in Phantom and the huge drop off for Clones - that was down to audience reception. Sure, Lucas might feel that negativity puts him off but he's just saying people shouldn't criticize which is nuts.

It's his name on the box and he can indeed do what he likes, but he can't demand we like it.

The issue he faces is he released a set of films with a specific vibe and design which garnered a huge fanbase, then he released a second set of films with a different vibe and design that were supposedly in the same Universe - that's asking for trouble.

Suddenly Tatooine goes from a dangerous underpopulated frontier to hosting huge pod races with a stadium holding more people than the original film made me feel would live on the entire planet. I could care less, but plenty of other people will and they'll be vocal about it - and that's just a minor inconsistency between the two sets of films.

Poor old George, guess he'll have to be happy with the money and skip the adulation he got for the original trilogy.

I'd still love to see him make something experimental in the THX vein - but I've lost all interest in Star Wars as something potentially having a nice mix of adventure, fun with some depth of character.

Try to be reasonable... its easier than you think...