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brendude13 said:
amp316 said:

In that hand one guy has an Ace high Flush, two of them have full houses, one has a straight flush.  The odds of this actually happening is about as likely as Jessica Alba stalking me for a date.  Also, looking at the board and you could tell that there was the possibilty of several monster hands.  All of the players just check.  Trust me, someone would've bet and bet big to see if someone else had something and to also made sure that no one got anything if they already didn't have it.  Bond would've never had the chance to stay in the hand and get his straight flush. 

Ehh, I'm confused. I know that the odds of getting those hands are very unlikely, maybe they should have toned it down a little, but Bond's winning hand needed to clear the table, a straight flush was very suitable. All of them went all in on their first bets because they were confident with their hands, are you trying to say they would have tested the water first with a smaller bet?

I'll explain the hand as if it actually happened (even if it wasn't very likely).

If I remember correctly, the board (cards that are shown on the table) had four spades, a pair (which make three of a kind or even a full house probable), a possible straight draw, and even a possible straight flush draw.  The guy with the ace high flush definitely would have not went all in if he new how to play cards, since it would not have looked good at all with that board.  The guy with the lower full house would have tested the waters (not immediately went all in) by betting.  Le Chiffre would have probably raised which would have tipped off that he had the higher full house or even the straight flush.  Bond would have then probably went all in showing everyone that the  had a straight flush and everyone would have folded.  Le Chiffre beeing shown as a mathematical genius earlier in the movie leads me to believe that he would have figured out that Bond had the straight flush or was the world's biggest bullshitter.  He would not have been so overconfident about his hand and probably folded knowing that over 100 million dollars was at stake for him.  The problem with a straight flush is that when anyone sees the possibility of one, they play very cautiously or get out of the hand.  The straight flush is the best hand in poker, but it doesn't normally win you much money.     

I would have though it was cooler if only Bond and Le Chiffre were left playing and Bond got a straight flush to win.  The odds would have been even less and Le Chiffre would have been likelly to take the gamble.  That's what I think anyways. 

I do still love the new Casino Royale though, but as they say - that's another thread.

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