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brendude13 said:
MontanaHatchet said:
Excellent review Amp, loved reading it. I especially enjoyed reading the comparison between the recent Casino Royale film and this one. Seems Le Chiffre was a strong point in both films. I also really liked the part where you mentioned the final poker hand in the 2006 version.  Easily the most unlikely thing to ever happen in a Bond movie.

Great job Amp, keep it up!

What did you find so unlikely about it? Haven't seen it in a while, but I don't remember it being rediculously out of the ordinary. Was it the hand he got, or something else?

In that hand one guy has an Ace high Flush, two of them have full houses, one has a straight flush.  The odds of this actually happening is about as likely as Jessica Alba stalking me for a date.  Also, looking at the board and you could tell that there was the possibilty of several monster hands.  All of the players just check.  Trust me, someone would've bet and bet big to see if someone else had something and to also made sure that no one got anything if they already didn't have it.  Bond would've never had the chance to stay in the hand and get his straight flush. 

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