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zuvuyeay said:
spurgeonryan said:
Brosnan is your least favorite?

What about the guy who plays bond in this movie, or the guy from Hot Fuzz who played bond in the early 90's, or lazenby?

Brosnan is right behind Connery. I.M.O and in many others opinions as well. Goldeneye alone cemented his spot at number two!

not for me,but we will have to see i prefer lazenby and dalton,timothy dalton was the 80's wasn't he i like the tommorow never dies story of the media manipulator,here is a chance for brosnan to see how he really shapes up in the world of bond

and the guy we just watched is not a real bond movie if you ask me

First off, I don't consider Barry Nelson to be a real Bond either.  It was a completely different character the way that it was done.

Out of the official Bonds, I also rank Brosnan last.  Sure, he was a good looking guy and could charm the pants off of the ladies, but he was not convincing as a tough guy at all.  When Connery, Lazenby, or Craig punched someone there was no question that it would hurt.  When Brosnan would, you were afraid that he broke a nail or something.  Also, his portrayal of Bond to me was similar to Roger Moore in the way that it seemed as though he was more interested in spitting out one liners than getting the job done.  The thing is, Roger Moore actually was much better at the comedic stuff and in that way Brosnan comes across as Roger Moore Lite.  I know that many people disagree with me and list Brosnan as their 2nd favorite or even sometimes top Bond ever, but I never saw him that way.

Now I really like the movie GoldenEye, but Pierce Brosnan was not why (I didn't care for the next three nearly as much).  The plot and villians were the reason why it was a good film. 

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