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Im 45 hours into the game at level 42. Iv done all the Dark Brotherhood and Thieves Guild quests + alot of side quests but iv only done up to where you have to climb the mountain in the main quests

My Pickpoket, Sneak, Smithing is all 100 with 90 archery but i stuffed up. I should have used my iron daggers i got when i was smithing to level up my enchanting but instead i sold them all like a fool.

and yeah, im like you my favorite thing to do is to explore caves/dungeons and i NEVER sell anything. I always keep everything and put them in my house, but i like to put everything in order. Like my weapons in 1 chest, armor in the other. Like every category has its own

But i haven't been playing much recently cause iv been very busy with family and what not + i just got SWTOR few days ago