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MontanaHatchet said:
amp316 said:

The truth is that if On Her Majesty's Secret Service starred Sean Connery, it would be the greatest Bond film of all. As it is though, I would have to go with Goldfinger.

By the way guys, The World Is Not Enough is the worst Bond film ever made. It makes A View To A Kill look like From Russia, With Love. The story is mediocre, Robert Carlyle and Sophie Marceau are wasted, the soundtrack sucks, the action scenes are all poorly done except for the pre-credits teaser (speaking of which, it has that scene where the helicopters with saws cut Zukovsky's caviar factory to ribbons *ugh*), it has a million horrible one liners, and Denise Richards as a nuclear physicist has to be one of the worst casting decisions ever.

This reminds me that I have to stop being so damned lazy and start reviewing all of these movies like I said that I would to like two or three people...

Well if Vgchartz is trying to be IGN, I'd definitely love to see some movie reviews. 

Also, I never argued that The World is Not Enough isn't one of the worst Bond movies ever. Only that Denise Richards had amazing boobies.

OH there was a person standing behind those spectacular breasts?  So there was