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MontanaHatchet said:
TWRoO said:
Damn... tough.

I think I will go with Goldeneye, though I believe part of my fondness for it stems from playing the game.

I still think it is a good film though. I also like:
Goldfinger, You Only Live Twice, The Man with the Golden Gun, The World is Not Enough and the new Casino Royale.

In terms of Bonds:
Connery >>>> Brosnan> Craig >>>> Dalton >> Moore >>> Lazenby

Brosnan would be closer to Connery if it wasn't for Die Another Day, and I would guess another couple of decent films will push Craig up into 2nd, and while I think Moore got some of the best storylines, he gets on my nerves

I liked The World is Not Enough because of Denise Richards. In other aspects, I feel it falls short.

TWiNE is probably the worst Bond movie.

None of the women are appropriately named; Christmas Jones and Elektra? Wow, terrible job guys. Also terrible cliched skiing chase scene.

Retarded helicopter scene with wood cutters. What an outlandish jumping the shark scene.
Only redeeming factor was Valentine Zukhovsky, and even then, when he shoots the cuff on Bond's leg, the evil chick thinks he shot Bond, even though it makes a pwing sound.


My favorite is probably Casino Royale, then Goldeneye, then Moonraker (simply for the not taking itself seriously factor), then Goldfinger (probably a tie between those last 2).


Also, before I finish, TWiNE is not the worst Bond, DAD (Die another Day) is the worst. Halle Berry is a no talent whore!