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Looks very good and in line with what we saw in Alien. Obviously Alien has always been ripe for a prequel due to the fact it's revealed in Alien the ship was deliberately diverted to the wreak, meaning that "The Company - i.e. Weyland/Yutani" had to know it was there and likely contained Alien organisms.

I always liked the fact most big points in Alien were never explained - Ash's orders, the origin of the Space Jockey, etc. I just hope the answers I presume are coming are decent enough to hold water.

Still, the franchise has been run into the ground and even the alien creature is practically a kids toy now - so I'm glad to hear Scott is avoiding using the same creature (at least according to his words) and looks to be taking an interesting spin on what happened to set up the chain of events leading to the Nostromo being diverted and the derelict being where it was with the eggs inside it.

Love the art direction BTW. Looks great - very in keeping with Alien. Clean and shiny as this is a brand new science vessel vs a scabby tug - but otherwise looking like its the same Universe.

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