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dsage01 said:
Michael-5 said:
dsage01 said:

At least try to read my post. What your saying makes no sense at all after looking at my post. And yes MW3 sales did affect Zelda sales. It sold like crap on the U.K. in the first week even below a Halo remake which had no hype. But it may have good legs once the competition is gone as Nintendo games tend to be more leggy. And only based on two weeks data how could you judge Uncharted 3 sales. And that too with many people in denial that it is under tracked. And Uncharted 2 had many bundles since the first day of release. Uncharted 3 didn't have as many bundles compared to UC2. Agreed many of those games will not pass their predesessor at this stage but the games you listed on top had a huge reason why there not selling as well. If it makes you happy I'll list them for you.

Killzone 3: -less hype and scores than Killzone 2

Forza 4: Less hype and Forza 3 had way too many bundles

LBP2: - Bad timing (No game sells in Jan LBP is a holiday type game)

Halo 3: First Halo and more hype

Motorstorm - new games have no hype and less bundles 

I did read you post, and I said most major exclusives aren't selling as well as predecessors, not just Uncharted. It's called expanding the scope of the debate.

Why is hype dying? More competition. Black Ops hype hurt Halo and Killzone 3 hype, GT5's release hurt Forza 4's hype (and the limitations of the 360 prevented too much of an improvement over Forza 3), and releasing in January shouldn't affect casual game sales. Mario Kart Wii sold fine before bundling, and God of War 3 (not casual) sold fine with a March release. At this point in the console war, Call of duty is stealing all the sales, and exclusives are only good well, no better then before.

As for MW3 affecting Zelda sales....Do you really beleive that? WOW

Your right Uncharted 2 had a lot of day 1 bundles, but Uncharted 3 doesn't have any less. It had the limited edition bundle, plus most retailers are bundling the game with PS3's anyway. I'm actually really surprised at sales because I think Uncharted 3 is bundled just as heavy as Halo: Reach is, but it's not selling as well as it should (Mind you 360 owners can't buy a 250GB 360 without Halo: Reach in many region, PS3 owners still have a choice).

Umm you do know there's only one Uncharted 3 (320 gb one) bundle right? There was at least 3-4 Uncharted 2 bundles on the day of launch. And Halo Reach is now getting to a point where it's more bundled than Forza 3. And MW3 is one of the factors why Zelda is doing not as well as expected all across Europe. And Mario Kart Wii and God of War 3 had plenty of hype that's why they had huge launches in the U.S.A. and there strong and stableized fanbased. And as for GT5 hurting Forza 4 hype...GT5 probably only had hype from it's hardcore fans for all I can rememeber Forza 2 had more hype than GT5. And really your just repeatdly saying what I'm saying and still disagreeing with me

You also know most retailers like Best Buy and Future Shop are bundling Uncharted 3 with the 160GB model as well? It's being bundled pretty heavily.

As for Zelda, I really doubt Wii owners are passing up the one major AAA exclusive for a game on a different console, in a completly different genre. Skyward Sword is looking to outsell Twilight Princess, MW3 is not hurting it's sales.

I'm not repeating what your saying, did you read what I said? I think you fail to understand my point.

My point is almost every major AAA exclusive sequal, will not sell as well as it's predecessors. Your saying it's because of hype, that I agree with, but then you say Uncharted 3 will do as well as Uncharted 2, which is the exact opposite of what you said.

So which is it?

BTW Technically I shouldn't have included God of War because GoW3 was the first GoW for PS3. So Killzone, Halo, Uncharted, Forza, LittlebigPlanet, Motorstorm, etc. The only sequal which looks to oputsell it's predecessor is Gears of War 3, but Epic really put a lot of effort into the story of the game, and making it more appealing to a broader audience (It's easier to play online).

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