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Michael-5 said:

Trends are likely to repeat, to be fair the fall next week could be just as big as prior years since Assassin's Creed has really gotten repetetive and lackluster. Revelations is nowhere nearly as big as AC2 was and I'd argue Brotherhood too. agreed

4GB 360 is a good buy if you own a PS3 and just want to play 360 exclusives. At that price, I think any self respective gamer who could apreciates a good shooter/RPG/Race game should get a 360 as a second console. As a primary console, the PS3 is the better buy, but in the end it depends on taste (from a software exclusive perspective). well i'll have to agree.

UC3 should be selling a lot better then UC2 for early sales considering the hype and quality UC2 brought to the franchise, but it's not. Sales are frontloaded. The question is will legs be strong enough to make it best in series like Black Ops did for CoD, or will sales die off from lack of hype/interest like Halo Reach (losing to Halo 3 despite stronger start). yea i can see that as a problem. many expect 3m before the yr is out. it looks doable.

Can't wait till I get my hands on a PS3 again and play UC3, UC2 is my favorite PS3 exclusive, and the only one I want to platnium. yea UC2 is may fav. to but i've played valkyria chronicles for close to 300.5 hours or more. you should play Brutal Legend if you have yet to do so.

I was only 2k off in that 10 week countdown for 360, and I overestimated PS3 by 60k LOL. still very close though. give yourself some credit. can't get the all lol.

For december, holiday sales affect Americas more, and 360 dominates. I know PS3 will do better this holiday then last because of EMEAA dominance, but I dunno. MS saved all their exclusives for the holidays and I think the 360 has more to look forward to in 2012, so I feel sales will be higher. Just not as high as last year, and it won't beat PS3 by as much. looks like a 2 sided coin.

Honestly though, I'm bad at predicting sales. I keep thinking this gen will end, but it keeps on going, spitting sequels after sequels. yea i haven't gotten many wrong. i'm likely about 80% since i've joined vgc. yr. end sales i should nail, but i nolonger predict. i deal in what i'm best at and thats logic.

srry it took solong. i don't normally go back to the sales thread.

3 million for Uncharted 3 by the end of the year? You really think that's possible? Even with Bundles week 2 sales droped 75% to 300k, next week sales will likely be 150k, and the game will probably stabilize closer to 100k. There are 7 weeks left in the year, 1 being post christmas (where sales crash on all consoles). Uncharted 3 would have to sell 250k a week to break 3 million by the end of the year, and I really doubt it can do that.

Valkyria Chronicles is also one of my faorite PS3 games, but I can't replay JRPG's, and I didn't like the ending levels in that game (just got too silly). I don't think I'd like Brutal Legend, so PS3 I'm waiting for the Tales of Xillia/Graces games and Last Guardian. I think I will like those games more then any PS3 exclusive so far.

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