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Not trying to be the buzz kill here but people keep mentioning that the 360 is doing incredible numbers, which it is, but they bring up reasons like "It is doing this without a price cut", "It is doing this without the Kinect launch and is only 19k down YoY", etc...

You need to put this into perspective and understand that while it does not have the buzz from the Kinect launch, it does however have exclusive advertising pretty much World Wide for the years BIGGEST release, custom MW3 console bundles, $100 giftcard promotions pretty much nation wide here in the US, with the $100 Gamestop deal being the week of MW3 and Skyrim launch. Pretty much Gamestop's way of saying "Here, buy an XBox and get the 2 hottest releases on the house".

So yes, the numbers are incredible with the onslaught of big time releases and insane deals, but while it didn't get a $50 cut like the PS3, it sure as hell had $50-$100 promotions for well over a month now.

So if anyone is going to attempt to undermine PS3 sales at all and use the relatively small YoY increase or being flat YoY as a negative needs to keep it real and do the same thing with the 360 sales considering it is like the only console getting huge deals left and right to help shift stock.

Not knocking any specific consoles, just being real here, so nobody get bent out of shape please, lol.

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