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Tintin is basically Europe's Yellow Kid or Astro Boy, i.e. one of the most important comic books ever created. It's also one of those timeless classics that's still read by new generations today (the comic was first published in 1929, the last issue in 1976).

Spielberg's/Jackson's movie is not ligne claire CGI - that's what I'd have expected from those two self-proclaimed huge Tintin fans - it's just typical, perfect and bland modern CGI imo (don't get me wrong - I love CGI movies ever since I saw the first Toy Story, but the perfect and bland look of these movies starts to bore me).

I don't like the look of Tintin, Captain Haddock and Milou (the dog - Snowy in English version), especially the faces of these iconic characters, but then again, I'm not forced to watch the movie.

Boxoffice results of this movie will be interesting to follow though, worldwide and regional. Especially: Will the Belgians and French watch it? (Tintin is the most influential comic in FrancoBelgian and European comic history, Tintin's creator Hergé is Belgium's national hero and Tintin is one of the Belgian cultural treasures as far as I know).