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Erik Aston said:
Collaboration with Sony essentially takes out a crucial competitor, and there's no way Nintendo wouldn't like that. Collaborating doesn't "take them out," it just ensures them some of the benefits of being in the market. When insularity is such a great asset to Nintendo, why would they want to share profits with anybody? Threatening your traditional advantages while reducing your potential gain doesn't sound like a smart plan to me. Nintendo are trying to make Sony irrelevant. Maybe there's a case of "If you can't beat 'em, join 'em," but Nintendo plans to beat 'em. They plan to absolutely change the rules of the game so that a system like PS or PS2 is not even worthwhile for Sony or anyone else to make. They want to change the rules so that they can only lose if they are out-innovated.

Basically Wii is the console of Armageddon. They're gonna push everybody out of the biz. It's a recent feeling I've been getting lately. I got the feeling I'm just gonna go ahead and say it.

Sony will fade from the console biz and probably will not return now that Kutaragi has been marginalized. Loss of 3rd party and crippling losses will force them out of the biz. This will happen in 2009.

Microsoft will survive to end of gen a distant 2nd with minimal profits, maybe none for that division. If sales and profits are not enough with Sony gone and the long 10 year XBox campaign not paying off Microsoft will voluntarily exit the console business. This is 2011.

It's a feeling that rushed through me a few weeks ago. Nintendo will push them ALL out.

I don't know who will pick up the competitive gauntlet but it could very well be that Nintendo takes over 100% of the industry by default. It all depends on how bad the competition wants it. Yes it's a scary feeling.

John Lucas 

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