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Actually, FOOD88, I was just poking holes in your argument. You stated there were supply constraints, I provided evidence to the contrary. You said people wanted an underdog to win, and even though De La Hoya made the fight worth watching (believe me, I watched and I wanted him to win), it doesn't change the split decision. Mayweather wasn't even the underdog for the fight. He is undefeated, and was favored to win 2 to 1 over De La Hoya.

Blu-ray wouldn't change the graphical capabilities of the PS3, it would only change the medium. As a matter of fact, can you imagine if the PS3 had released with a DVD drive and decided instead to upgrade their Video RAM from 256 to 512? That shit would be off the chain. And, if Microsoft had waited and released an HD-DVD console, we'd be watching both the 360 and the PS3 do bad due to high prices. The 360 is doing mediocre right now, can you imagine what it would be selling like with at least 100 dollar hike???

There are plenty of threads posted showing the 360 is far from being just a shooter console. The Japanese support for Microsoft has gone up considerably since last generation, evidenced by such games as Lost Planet, Dead Rising, Blue Dragon, Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, Infinite Undiscovery, the announcement of Blue Dragon 2, and a plethora of ports from the PS3 like Devil May Cry 4, Armored Core 4, and Ace Combat 6 (which is gorgeous, by the way).

I'm not the only one bitching over Sony's price. You should've seen the reaction of the audience at E3 2006 when they announced it. And Krazy Ken is touting that same "Work more hours to get it" mentalitiy and you see where that landed him. But, you have your views and opinions. Have a good one.