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Dolla Dolla: .5 million PlayStation 3 units it shipped last fiscal year, 3.6 million were sold to retailers.


Don't you think some went to other places like, oh hell I don't know, Europe or Asia?


Dolla Dolla: Uh ... Mayweather did beat De La Hoya. Well spotted.


I saw the fight and De La Hoya was ripping him in half. The Judges made a poor call on that fight and the whole world knows it. But like I said, people want to see the underdog win (even if in reality he doesn't).

Dolla Dolla: The chances of them releasing MGS4 and FFXIII this year are so close to zero that it's best you should expect them in 08, leaving them with no killer apps.

You seem to know so much on the progress of these games. Do you work for Konami and Square-Enix? Ok, ok.

We'll play ball in your court. Let us scratch MGS4 and FFXIII off the 2007 calendar just for grins. Sony is still going to have Ratchet & Clank, Uncharted, and Heavenly Sword by the end of this year too. So in the end Sony is going to have at least 3 killer apps by the end of its first year anyways, which is ahead of time from the 360. Like I said before, 360 had only 1 killer app. by the end of its first year. Hell, PS3 had its first on day one.


Dolla Dolla: [blu-ray] Yes, it explains the delays in getting the PS3 released, as well as part of the reason for the enormous price tag.

Sure it costs a pretty penny, but it's a penny I'm willing to spend when I see how games on the 360 are barely reaching 8hrs. Not only that, if you have an HDTV and actually seen how not only HD the format is, but how detailed the picture is compared to an upscaled DVD, you'd see that it's well worth the price. I like the comfort of knowing that my games are not going to be held back due to space constraints. I also get a bit gitty knowing Kojima is putting an order in for a 50gb blu-ray disc (apparently the game is over 24gb long).


Dolla Dolla: Actually, the blame falls squarely on Sony's shoulders. You see, if they had delivered a great system on time with no delays and had a decent install base, GTAIV would've been exclusive. Unfortunately, the 599USD announcement was a betrayal to more than half of the folks looking to upgrade from PS2 to PS3. So, Rockstar, caring about money, thought they would be able to sell more copies if they made it for the 360, as well.


And risk coming out with a Playstation 2.5? That right there is what Microsoft did wrong. If they waited an extra year like Sony and Nintendo did and actually thought of what they should release they wouldn't be in such bad shape as far as how the long term relationship with the game industry is going to kill them in the end. I mean you can even infer that they didn't know what they were doing when you see even today that the red circles of death are almost inevitable. Take a look at this even:

Not only that, but if Microsoft waited a year and got HD-DVD in their console they could have had a better chance at saving the format all together, let alone, have no space constraints (you can compress a game only so much before it just won't work anymore). I liked Gears of War a lot, but 8hrs just doesn't justify $400. Not only that, but only having shooters.

599USD is a deep hole in many people's pockets, that I'm not going to lie about. But what's a few hours of over time for a week going to do to you? You act as if Sony made it absolutely impossible for people to get their hands on a PS3. I worked about 3 extra hours a day for a few days and got me a PS3, and here's what I have to say about it: I'm alive.

 BTW, do you get some sort of satisfaction out of trying to prove someone wrong? I swear, forumers in all sites are hostile these days. Even if I express my own views and opinions