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Cross-X said:
Darth, this movie won't top Spider-Man 2. That movie was simply too amazing. They did Doc Ock so well in 2.

This movie on the other hand, I'm not really hyped for two things:
1) Don't like Garfield as SpiderMan.
2) Suit looks slightly off??!

I'll definitely watch it though and I just hope they make good scenes with Spider Man fighting the Lizard.
I just hope for future Amazing Spider Man movies, they continue to use new villians such as Mysterio, Kraven, Rhino, etc (Spidey IMO has the best cast of villains in Marvel and only behind Batman's incredible list of villains overall) and do Venom properly!!!

I completely agree,Joker,Killer Croc and The Riddler are my favourites!Spiderman isn't too far behind though,Venom is one of my most favourite characters ever!