new right has been granted wand/save command from world edit to all mods and up, no load yet, but in the unlikely event of a bsod you can save your work at your pleasure, server is still backed up once a day in the early am automatically and once by hand in the pm. i will clear the save cache once a week unless it is abused in which case it may go away.

slimes are back so sticky pistons go

new group Supermoderator this group will be our world edit non admin group. has no new members yet nor are its rights finished, i frankly am not familiar enough with world edit to grant rights to this group but tone should be adding them soon or if he can get a full list that will be needed i will add them to the group.

still trying to hunt down the bug that is blocking us from fixing the spawn.        
FIXED was an issue with bukkit and not the plug in, man what a pain.

@*also after our failed attempt new contest to name the server*@

winner will get rights to message of the week for 6 weeks, to be updated every Sunday and a promotion in the server.... also maybe a tshirt ..... or a creeper...
rules and prizes subject to change without notice, at my will bwahahahaha

come play minecraft @

minecraft name: hansrotec

XBL name: Goddog