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disolitude said:
Aiddon said:
slipknotfan said:

Can someone please explain the appeal of these movies. Maybe its because I never watched the cartoon as a kid and I'm more of a horror fan, but the movies beside part 1 have gotten horrible reviews and people still keep flocking to them. It has already passed Hangover 2 with over 260 million to become the highest grossing movie so far this year! Whats next for this franchise, Transformers vs Gobots? Maybe Transformers vs. Transmorphers!!!! It's pretty sad that the only horror movie I have to look forward to this summer is a remake of Fright Night!

And my faith in humanity keeps falling quickly. The appeal of these movies is that they're junk food for the brain: it's nothing but explosions and sexist exploitation. Though even action-wise the movies aren't that great due to Bay's direction being godawful with shaky-cam and rapid-fire editing (though in the third one 3D cameras prevented that) so even on a technical standpoint the films fail. Don't even get me started on those racist-bots from the second film (seriously, screw you, Kruger). This year has been miserable for movies in general

To michael bay slight credit, he did get a lot better with shakey cam. Action in part 3 is actually watchable and action scenes are clearly shot... Everything else though stands for me as well.

TBH I don't think Bay himself improved so much as he had to change his shooting style to adopt 3D (which currently doesn't support super quick cuts and excessive shakey cam that well).  Either way the general opinion seems to be shooting in 3D produced better results, but to me it feels like the change was imposed on Bay rather than him getting better directly.

Try to be reasonable... its easier than you think...