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Jay520 said:
The visuals are unmatched.... and hot chicks

That's all I can think of

No! Rosie Huntington-Whiteley is a proper trout! Not even worth a first glance, let alone a second.

Vetteman94 said:
Goddbless said:

The biggest problem with the plots in the Transformers movies is they are basically forgotten by the next movie. Every movie they give a totally different reason why the Decepticons came to earth. The 1st movie said it was for the cube, the 2nd said it was for energon, and the 3rd movie...well it was so convoluted it doesn't matter anymore. I mean would it kill them to have some form of continuity.

I dont understand where the confusion for their reasonings of coming to Earth are coming from.  Makes me wonder if you actually watched the movie and stayed awake or are just going off of things you heard other people say.  

What he's saying is all 3 films give different reasons for being on earth. In the first film they're after the Allspark, in the second film they're here to harvest Energon and in the third film they came to meet Sentinal Prime. There's no continuity.

Optimus Prime is a real bad-ass though. Single handedly(literally) pulling heads off with firey axes!

There are a few other odd things in the film, like the fact that Optimus is about 4 times the size of Bumblebee when they're standing by the rocket. And why are the Autobots always shiny, even after the big fight in a demolition zone.