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Khuutra said:

There is nothing disrespectful about pointing out your exaggeration.

You use your slingshot to lower a ladder in the Great Deku Tree. Navi flies up to and calls yoru attention to it, even allowing you to Z-target it (as I remember).

Before going to Zora's Domain, Navi tells you you should talk to Saria. Ask Saria what's up and she'll tell you that the last spiritual stone is held by King Zora in Zora's Domain.

There are no cases I can think of where the game doesn't nudge you in the right direction.

I found you telling me that I was exaggerating quite insulting, I am not exaggerating anything, just telling the truth.

I knew you did it in the Great Deku Tree, but I swear I remember you doing it at the entrance of another temple in the same area.

And also, one of my main beefs was that I couldn't find Saria, and when I did find Saria, i didn't know where Zora's Domain was. Was there anything that pointed me in the direction of Zora's Domain? 

Either way, there were many times where I had no idea where to go next, I am not exaggerating anything, I have no need to, and you have no basis of for accusing me of exaggerating.