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manuel said:
But hoping that it does poorly is not good. Poor sales lead to less games developed = not good.
I hope it'll sell well. And at some point there will surely be a price cut, too.

Hoping it does poorly is good. By having that happen Nintendo won't go ahead and continue charging $250 for a product that costs them no more than $100-120 to make. Not to mention couple that very high price with barely more than ports of old console titles.

If sales exploded right off the bat you know what would happen next time? Of course what would happen is exactly what happened this time. They would once again think to themselves (Not to mention outloud once again...) "Hmmm, judging by sales maybe we didn't charge enough." and next thing you know BAM! $300+ handhelds.

Poor sales don't necessarily lead to less games developed. 

It Sony's case it lead to a company pulling it's head from it's ass and getting it's shit together and spoiling us with more games!

Don't get me started on NoA's line of thinking, lol.

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