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AmishGramish said: CLICK HERE NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is another report that says that the PS3 will win. I personally think it will win, as many other research firms have found what I have. 360 will be almost as good as the PS3, but the PS3 has the BD player, it will have a lot of great exclusives (more than the 360, anyways), and it has free online. The Wiis will start collecting dust, as many people have noticed that about their DSs. With a lot of people who own DSs and PSPs selling off their DSs because they don't play them anymore. (I personally know two people that have done this) Here's the total numbers they said: "The cumulative WORLDWIDE sales for each platform as follows: Sony PlayStation 3 2006: 1.0m 2007: 19.5m 2008: 35.5m 2009: 50m 2010: 62m Xbox 360 2006: 10m 2007: 20.5m 2008: 30.5m 2009: 39m 2010: 46m Nintendo Wii 2006: 4.0M 2007: 10.5m 2008: 16.5m 2009: 21.5m 2010: 25.0m" And: "MARKET SHARE (rounded) 2006 PS3: 7% 360: 66% Wii: 27% 2007 PS3: 39% 360: 40% Wii: 21% 2008 PS3: 43% 360: 37% Wii: 20% 2009 PS3: 45% 360: 35% Wii: 20% 2010 PS3: 46% 360: 34% Wii: 20%"
how is this possible this is just probubly one of your wet dreams anyone with halfe a brain would see that this wouldnt happen u really thingk that ps3 will double wii this year why am i even waisting my time