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adriane23 said:
PullusPardus said:
adriane23 said:
That's unfortunate, but did they make any good games other than Folklore
(Still haven't finished)?

Folklore is overrated, very repetitive, most people love it just because it is a PS3 exclusive when there wasn't that much PS3 exclusives back in the day,

Majin is their best game, and very underrated, i have a feeling that it might have the same cult following as Beyond Good and Evil because its a good game that no one bought, you should buy it now before it gets out of stock!

You made all of that up.

I'll get Majin eventually, but the demo wasn't that great to me because of the battle system. How is the battle system in the full game? Seeing as how I hardly hear any mention of Majin and I always see it in stock on Amazon, I don't think it's in any danger of going out of stock for a while.

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