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Tridrakious said:
Acevil said:
M.U.G.E.N said:
Acevil said:

Awesome thread.

However, right now I need five titles (I have that rule). So far I found one perfect one, called Uncharted, now I just need 4 more titles to peak my interest levels....and I will instantly buy the device. I might break that rule, if I have significant money to spend, from actually working full-time.

Hopefully some niche JRPGs get announced at TGS to bring that number higher (that is why I love my DS, PSP, and eventually 3DS).

Just frame a reference: My rule of 5 means announced, not one of titles that convinced me to buy a ps3 has yet to release. I bought my console 2008 June 12th. :P

:D that's fair enough

for me I have around 3-4 must buy games now

Golden Abyss

Project Gravity

Wipeout 2048


While I will pick up Gravity Daze, it doesn't really fall under my description of 5. Also I wonder if anyone can guess the ps3 title that hasn't isn't hard. :P

Jak 4?

Of course your's is probably Versus XIII.

Haha, ya.