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___O_o______ said:

 "in 2009 developers will start feeling its limitations"

 your kidding right? 2009 is when the ps3 will see the release of its 2nd generation games. For you to say that developers will start to feel its limitations  in 2009 is stupid. Maybe in 2012, but 2009?


"even now, developers don't know what to do with it"

oh ya. thats why theres a crapload of games being released on the Wii in the future.


"i expect to see more innovative games from the Wii"

 more point and clicks? more controller wagging? more add-ons?  PUHleez.

explain your ideas of "more innovative" to us

actually 2nd generation games will be relaesed this year on ps3.

tell me what crapload of games is being released on wii in the future

more innovative games like zack and wiki,like super mario galaxy and wii sports

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