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Phoeniks.Wright said:
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Phoeniks.Wright said:
Mr Khan said:
Phoeniks.Wright said:
Well damn. This sounds crap. Since Nikkei "confirmed" this rumour, I'm going to cautiously assume that picture of the controller was and is going to be rather accurate, the one which looks like a 360 controller with a screen in the middle.
E3 never looked so dire. Especially for Nintendo.

I would find it hard to believe that they would abandon motion controls so handily, so i doubt we'll get exactly what we've seen. It has to be some kind of hybrid

Oh no, I find it incredibely easy to believe that they will abandon motion controls so easily. Just look at the games that they've released so far: how many actually use motion controls in a meaningfull way and not as a gimmick? I count 3 ( wii sports and sports resort, wii play as well ) good games, 1 okay-ish ( wii party ), and 1 terrible ( wii music ). Maybe I could add mario kart here, since it's used as a control method properly as well. That makes 6, of which 5 were released by 2008, 3 years ago.

I can only conclude that they could not give less of a damn about motion controls.

Of course, I'm not talking about something like a sixaxis controller, but that would be one hell of a downgrade.

Metroid Prime 3 used motion controls and the next Zelda also uses them. In fact you need wm+ to play it. Why would Nintendo use on it with Zelda and then thow it away on their next system?

Oh, and if you add 3rd party games there are some good examples on how to use motion controls, Zack & Wiki being one of them.

Edit.: Damm! The Quote thingy didn't work properly on IE9... a bug?

Metroid prime 3 used motion controls very lightly, and for things which could have been easily replaced with buttons, not that it wasn't enjoyable. As for zelda, they only decided to use WM+ after people screamed in their ears that it would be a good idea. And besides, you don't really need motion for what it's worth in Skyward sword, since looking at the GDC trailer, it's mostly used for puzzles and incredibly rudimentary combat.

And unfortunately, even with 3rd parties, good motion games are few and far between.

Which just shows that for 3rd parties and Nintendo, completely ditching good motion controls doesn't seem to be a big deal at all, since it only represented a very small portion of their portfollio of games.

What Nintendo did with wm+ and Zelda was what in Spain we call "lanzar un globo sonda" and it's something politicians use to do (and please forgive me for this comparison): when they have an idea but don't know how well received it will be among yhe people, they just say that they are studying it and way for reactions. Nintendo announced that they were studying the use of wm+ and people claimed how good it'd be, reinforcing their original plan (if people's reaction were against it they could go back to simple wiimote).

As for the lack of good 3rd party games with motion controls it's only the result of the lack of support from them. No games in general means no games with motion controls in particular, and even less with a good implementation of them.

In the end, Nintendo has said that they want to improve and expand the way we play games, and you don't do that introducing motion controls with one console just to take them away with the next one. Also they have launched the 3DS with motion controls, why would they ditch them in Cafe?

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