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oh SeanMalstrom, PSP was a failure??? it thats the case what does that make NES??? cause it sold less and it had no competition.
On topic i dont think Ninty will straight out abandon motion control but i think it will be lessened. Some might say that they have been pushing it, but thats crap. Sure there are bundles, but where are the games??? Ninty has made how much games for the motion plus??? and 3rd parties forget it, but on another hand they could be readying us for the move to Cafe where it will be all motion+ (i hope so) which would be great cause they havent done crap with it. But on yet another hand how will they get people to buy there tablet controllers??? 6 inch touch screen and some people thing it will have motion?? That sounds expensive as hell, either way i cant wait, i havent been this excited for a Ninty E3 since...I've never been this excited for a Ninty E3