larry said:
jlauro said:
Lots on wii are happy. Ubishot for one who had better then expected sales of Rayman and others. Excellent sales for low-medium budget games. The only 3rd parties that are not happy are the ones that did not make any games because they spent all their time working on PS3 games.

RR7,resistance ,motorstorm all made money for ps3 in Japan ,Us and Eu

unlike all x360 games .for instance Lost planet ,AC 4 and BlueDragon have caused Sagaguchi and Capcom millions in losses.

Do you like lying through your teeth Larry? MS financed the developed of Blue Dragon and paid for its exclusivity. Sakaguchi has made his money. It must have been a good sum because he is planning Blue Dragon 2 for 360. Mistwalker planned to sell 100,000 units of Blue Dragon in Japan. They have sold more than 180,000 units. They may actually make MS's goal of 200,000 units. The 360 continues to sell MORE software than the PS3 in Japan. So tell me again how third party developers are losing money? Do I even need to bring up software sales for the US? If Capcom lost so much money on Lost Planet, how come they have been unwilling to port the game to PS3? You do realize they've sold 1.26 million copies of Lost Planet worldwide right?