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___O_o______ said:
@ happy squirrel and fishyjoe

i guess you can make a valid argument that the Wii can be related to this article, but i was trying to compare the similarities of this article to the ps3.

The Wii sold almost double in its first year plus a few months, than the ps2 did in its first year plus a few months, worldwide. So unlike the ps2, Wii sales so far are considerably different than the ps2 IMO. they are more similar to the ps3 sales cause first year (plus a couple months) sales of the ps2 were about 9.2 million (i think), and the ps3 had around 8.9, so i'm thinking the ps3 is more similar to the ps2 than Wii-ps2.

yeah but ps2's sales were that much because for about 7 months it was only launched in japan

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