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Other M didn't have control issues.  On the contrary, it pioneeered a new type of gameplay that has been years in the making.

You can claim they needed more buttons or using missiles with the motion controls was a bad move.  But you can't really claim the game itself has bad controls when no other game has done what Other M did.  I still contend the gameplay of the game itself was sound.  They could have made a few tweaks here and there, but it wouldn't have changed much.  And the 3DS wouldn't be able to 'improve' a game that was specifically made around a unique game engine and the WiiMote.

They just need to throw out the baby with the bath water and make a whole new Metroid with a whole new game engine.  Because everyone seems to hate every single thing about Other M and won't accept what it actually did well.

Note: As usual I'm sure my views will be controversial because I don't hate every single aspect of Other M with a passion.  For this reason, I'm probably not going to respond again in this thread to save people abouther 10 pages of 'Other M did everything wrong and anyone who disagrees is an idiot' thread.

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