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tolu619 said:
Resident_Hazard said:
tolu619 said:

Seems most people think there's nothing actually wrong with Other M's controls and since most of the complaints posted just seem to be about the story, I guess my question has been answered. Seems the answer is 'The 3DS won't be fixing any control issues as there are no control issues'

No, there are actually a lot of control issues, and no, they couldn't be fixed by putting the game on the 3DS.  For one thing, the 1st person mode is fundamentally broken, there's no way to aim attacks in 3rd person mode, and switching from 3rd to 1st will still be unnecessarily disorienting.  The idea shouldn't be to make Other M work on 3DS, the idea is to forget about that game forever, and for Retro--or someone competent--to make the next Metroid game, no matter which system it goes to.  

Team Ninja is pretty much incompetent, and wildly ill-suited to handle the Metroid franchise.  Their brainless button-mash gameplay, extremely disrespectful view towards female characters, and lack of building logical, deep, and atmosphere-rich games did nothing but smear a disgusting blemish on the Metroid franchise, and Nintendo as a whole.

What's broken about the FPS mode? What if you could use the touch screen to aim in TPS mode? And what if they added more puzzles and less emo story to the same type of gameplay?

I would rather see:  

Metroid Other M stricken from existence, and removed from the Metroid continuity.


A new original Metroid game made with competence.


There are simply too many problems with the game.  The brainless run-n-gun gameplay was very un-Metroid, there was zero exploration, there was no atmosphere, and Samus's character was completely assassinated and replaced by wretched teenage girl stereotypes.  Suffice to say, I thought the gameplay flat-out sucked.  It was fun at first--but eventually it was brainless running while mashing the attack button.  Metroid has always had shooting, but it was never so brainless as this.  

The FPS mode was disorienting.  Almost without fail, I'd switch to it, only to be facing some random direction that ended up screwing me over.  The FPS dodge move almost never worked.  What should've been a simple motion-based dodge usually caused me to be hit twice.  Everything in the Metroid Prime games was seamless.  First-person to morph ball, First-person to space jump/screw attack, swinging on the grapple beam, etc.  Absolutely nothing was seamless in Other M.  It was bulky and cumbersome and after a while, it started to feel like a flat-out hassle to me.  


In the end, aside from a couple nice boss battles, I felt that Metroid Other M had no redeeming value (and it's insistence on re-using Ridley yet again was annoying)--it was extremely badly written, and it didn't play like a Metroid game, it didn't look like a Metroid game, it didn't feel like a Metroid game.  It had no atmosphere, no new items or weapons, no real exploration, no open-world player-focused gameplay.  Everything was just wrong.  Linear gameplay, boring disrespectful writing, and nonsensical game design built around the worst plot device (permission to use weapons) imaginable made for one of the worst experiences I've ever seen in such a high-profile AAA franchise.  


I would rather see a new Metroid game--first-person, side-scrolling, 3rd-person, I don't care.  Just so long as it's made by a company at least as competent as Retro Studios... if not actually being given to Retro Studios.  If they're going to keep going down this path of shitty anime-style writing to force asinine linear gameplay--I'd much rather they shelve the franchise than continue ruining it.