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awesomeX10 said:
Mr Puggsly said:
awesomeX10 said:
Mr Puggsly said:
awesomeX10 said:
Mr Puggsly said:

He didn't say they did. But that's what Sony attempts to do. Several of their exclusives have poor or modest sales. They also eat into 3rd party sales.

In my opinoin MS is pro-developers. Sony is pro-Sony. Not necessarily a bad thing, but they have different strategies.

That opinion is unfounded, holding off on making good games has never helped 3rd parties, the 3DS is proof enough of that 

Who said everything they make is good?

3DS is different. People primarily buy Nintendo platforms for Nintendo games.

lol wow lol and no1 said everything they make is good I just see stuff that isn't good as irrelevant (and I don't mean like amazing must have I mean simply good) so yeah theres a reason ps3 is getting more third party support now then 360 and thats because Sony is pumping out their games so that pretty much throws your theory out the window and don't most companies make more money off of ps3, bandai did so I just don't see where you get the idea that releasing less is better when there is so much evidence to the contrary 

EDIT: also capcom shipped more ps3 games and expects to ship more this year then 360 funny they expect to make more sales on the year that Sony releases a ton of good games

Sony is getting more 3rd party support? Maybe from Japan for obvious reasons. Sony also lost a lot of exclusive support for obvious reasons.

There is no doubt PS3 has a bigger appeal for consumers of Japanese games. Which is why you used Bandai and Capcom as examples. However, Sony develops games that mostly appeal to fans of western games. Those are potential sales Sony is taking from 3rd parties. Those developers will rely more on 360 because of this.

Exclusive content from rockstar on LA, exclusive rockstar game that counts as more support and rockstar is not a japanese company, and theres a multitude of psn games that are third party and ps3 exclusive coming this year not to mention exclusive character in mortal combat for ps3 and valve backing ps3 over 360 it's pretty obvious that ps3 is gaining third party support over 360 and not just from japan, Sony lost alot in the beginning, why because of lack of good games namely exclusives, now that they have them the support is coming back and which developers are you talking about rockstar? Oh wait I used them as one of my examples specifics please specifics

Yes, the ps3 is getting plenty of 3rd party support especially more than before, but the 360 still gets plenty of support from 3rd party. There is exclusive content in the 360 version of Homefront, Child of Eden releases first on the 360, Crysis demo was on the 360 before any other systems, Beyond Good or Evil released on the 360 several months before psn, COD DLC first, etc.

the funny part about your examples it that Portal 2 is selling better on 360 reguadless and LA Noire will probably sell better on 360(judging from pre-order numbers). Mortal Kombat is the only 3rd party game that you mentioned with an extra goodie that will sell better on ps3, but I'm pretty sure it would sell better reguardless. If you didn't know the 360 version of Mortal Kombat has some extra goodies also like the Pit stage is exclusive to the 360, we can use our avatars in the king of the hill mode, 360 gets an extra mode called puzzle kombat, and scarlet (DLC character) will be free on the 360 for a limited time while ps3 users have to pay.

I want to know what this has to do with the topic of the thread?