chriscox1121 said:
If I was Nintendo, I wouldn't release it until around April, doesn't make any "business" sense to release in Feb. Software sells Hardware, especially this game. Logic says release it when we have systems to sell.

 Thank God you're not Nintendo.

Hell, I think Nintendo should release Brawl in July of '09, because it's highly likely they'll have a HUGE stock by then.

Screw the fans, they're not gonna get pissed at Nintendo for the delaying the game multiple times, nope. 

I'm pretty sure if Nintendo delayed this game past March, they'd get a ton of negative press.

Bet with disolitude: Left4Dead will have a higher Metacritic rating than Project Origin, 3 months after the second game's release.  (hasn't been 3 months but it looks like I won :-p )