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One thing to watch in April will be if Wii finally drops below 50,000 / week for the first time ever.

Here is what I have for historical data by the way:

            Month 42-53     Month 54-65

Wii          6.71m              

X360       4.83m             7.02m

PS3         ~4.41m

PS2          5.03m            5.07m

Xbox       1.82m            negligible

GC           1.55m             0.64m


LTD US HW FIgures (Roughly):

DS - 48.8m (Nov 2004 - Nov 2009 to reach 35.4m / 60 Months)

PS2 - 45.9m (Oct 2000 - Nov 2006 to reach 35.4m / 74 Months)

Wii - 35.3m (Nov 2006 - March 2011 to reach 35.3m / 53 Months)

X360 - 26.7m

PSP - 18.6m

PS3 - 16.1m

3DS - 0.4m

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