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ElGranCabeza said:
4k1x3r said:
ElGranCabeza said:

That's not what that means, that means that Playstation "Family" as a whole saw double digits increase, it doesn't necessarily mean they all saw increase of at least 10%. For example, assuming your numbers are correct, the PS2 could be down or flat YOY and PS3 PSP could be up YOY by 28% each and the Playstation "Family" would still be up YOY by double digits percentage. Capisce?

Sony responds to the NPD report but doesn't issue any specific PS3 sales data.

Sony Computer Entertainment America has just released its NPD statement, responding to NPD's March report. The company noted that the overall PlayStation business saw some significant growth, but the company didn't provide any specific sales information. 

"According to the latest NPD report, PlayStation saw double digit growth across hardware and peripherals, signaling continued momentum for the PlayStation platform and consumer demand for immersive 3D and precision motion game play," said Patrick Seybold, Sr. Director of Corporate Communications at SCEA.

"Led today by the PlayStation Move motion controller, Move accessories and the deep lineup of Move-compatible software titles, PlayStation peripherals have now achieved double-digit growth for 19 consecutive months, according to NPD. People are loving the gaming experience provided by true stereoscopic 3D and PlayStation Move, and we'll up the ante next week with the release ofSOCOM 4: US Navy Seals."


Bolded shows that it's hardware AND peripherals that saw double digits increase. PS3 accounts for most of the sales of that playstation family, PSP had a price cut, and The Source is right, NPD said PS2 didn't increase. So the PS3 most likely saw a double digit increase and PSP likely.

Anyway double digit growth for 19 consecutive months... that means that if they sold 80,000 peripherals in that first month, now they sold  AT LEAST 490,000... that's ridiculous!

Why are you quoting me to post that?

Because you were right about the PS2 but what I posted makes it clearer to understand, concering that "playstation family" increase, that's all.