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Shade said:
Is this that same rumor from earlier this week? I doubt it's true since this will be what the forth time it's been delayed, and how much can they add in less then a month? I say it's pure BS.

 It's the same rumor, and it's just GameCrazy and GameFly.  It's just magnifying because that's how the internet works.

Nintendo says A) it doesn't comment on rumors, and B) It's on schedule for Feb 10.  So there you go.  Nintendo may still be lying and may delay the game...but you're not gonna know about that until Nintendo says it themselves.  And I highly doubt it will get delayed more than a couple weeks if it does happen.  Nintendo's not that stupid, they know they'd piss off fans after giving TWO solid release dates.

Bet with disolitude: Left4Dead will have a higher Metacritic rating than Project Origin, 3 months after the second game's release.  (hasn't been 3 months but it looks like I won :-p )