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Ray007 said:
I remember reading somewhere that MS tried to acquire Nintendo at some point, but the deal fell through… though I can’t remember why?

As for the whole merging concept, I would have to agree with Origin.  If any of the current players join forces, it will only create a monopolistic powerhouse and stifle competition (think MS with their OS).  We’d likely see some amazing things in the short term, but products will become stale and less innovative in the long run.

The Yamauchi family was (rumored to be) offered $25,000,000,000 (US) for their shares in Nintendo (which represent a controlling interest in the company) and they turned them down. Hiroshi Yamauchi (Nintendo's CEO at the time) was a particularly arogant man and in 2000 said "There are many people in the industry that know nothing about games. In particular, a large American company is trying to do engulf software houses with money, but I don't believe that will go well. It looks like they'll sell their game system next year, but we'll see the answer to that the following year."